About Bayport Properties

Put Three Decades of Experience to Work for You.

Bayport Properties exists solely to serve clients engaged in commercial real estate initiatives who seek a trusted partner to guide their journey. Since every client brings their unique perspective and objectives, we provide three decades of experience to shape a flexible path to success - as defined by each client.

Driven By Results.

Three core values drive every client engagement, every decision, and every advice we provide. When you work with Bayport Properties, you'll witness these core values in all we do.
We strive to be the best in the industry, providing excellence in terms of service, client experience, and outcomes.
Your goals are our first priority. We will achieve them together with strict moral and ethical behavior at every point of engagement.
Achieving success in the shifting commercial real estate market requires the ability to move with it, taking advantage of constant change.

About Tom Threlkeld, Principal

Tom Threlkeld brings his clients 30 years of success as a real estate investor and adviser.  As a principal at Bayport Properties, he has engaged in hundreds of transactions involving all types of commercial real estate, including industrial, office, and retail properties.  

Tom guides clients through complex planning processes to ensure your decisions are well-informed based on your objectives and current market opportunities. Legacy transitions, exit strategies for owned properties and investment returns versus risk management are a few of the services he provides.

Tom has negotiated office leases in excess of 400,000 square feet, numerous industrial leases over 100,000 square feet, and hundreds of others in his 30 years of experience. He has assisted partners and clients in buying, selling, financing, leasing, and tax-advantaged exchanges.

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